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When a request is performed, the node receiving and processing the request will send a numeric response once it has the result. Depending on the action of the request, the same response code may have different meanings. The response code may also be accompanied by resulting data and the size of the data. The following is a list of the numeric response codes and their textual equivalent.

200 - Ok
101 - NetspaceError
102 - NetspaceDuplication
103 - NetworkError
104 - MalformedContent
121 - Unsupported Action
122 - UnsupportedService
201 - Stream Chunk
202 - EOT End of Transfer
Prototyping: This feature is in prototype stage for Protocol version 0.4
105 - Internal Error

If a request is in an invalid state the receiving node will aggressively fail to parse and respond with MalformedContent.

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