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SpringDVS is a networking system for community groups. It enables different organisations to join their computers or sites together as nodes on a common network, logically grouped by geographical area and providing a platform on which to build useful services. It is designed to be decentralised and distributed where each organisation handles their own information on their own system while also enabling any public information to be broadcast live across the network and easily narrowed to the locality and providing a platform that does not rely on any single point to function. This also means that while organisations are connected to the network, it will continue to run.

The platform is design to be extended and there is huge potential for the variety of Network Services that can be supported on the network. One benefit of the design is you will be able to run your own combination of services and even custom services off your node without them needing to be supported by the entire network.

All nodes have access to module upgrades when they become available, and you are notified when you access you node.

There is also a focus on integrating service management into other web platforms. Currently you can handle services comfortably from within WordPress, including running module upgrades, by using the WordPress Plugin.