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The info action is used to request some details. The specifier specifies type of details are being requested, and then a list of zero or more parameters depending on specifier

A response will be a code denoting the result of the action.

'network' Specifier[edit]

Request a list of nodes in the network. This specifier has no parameters. A response will always be a Network Format of zero or more nodes.


info network

Code Response Data Reason
200 Ok Network Always response with zero or more node list

'node' Specifier[edit]

Request details about a node. This specifier has one required NodeSingle formal parameter which is used to identify the node. It has one optional enumerator used to identify a property to query. The default query, without the optional enumerator, means a query for all details.

A response of a successful request will be NodeInfo item detailing the specified property, or all the properties.


info node [springname] {all|host|address|state|role|service}

Code Response Data Reason
200 Ok NodeInfo Info request successful
101 NetspaceError - Node with springname does not exist on the network

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