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The plugin is not hosted on the Drupal repository at present, so you will have to download it off our package server.

Download the file from: http://spring-dvs.org/release/?package=dr7-springnet

If you wish -- verify the integrity of the file by comparing the checksum against those provided on the download page.

Install and Enable[edit]

The following action can only be performed by users with system administration permission on your Drupal 7.x site.

SpringnetDr7 install 1.png

Select Administration > Modules

SpringnetDr7 install 2.png

Make sure Update manager is enabled. If it not enabled, please enable it by ticking the checkbox and clicking Save configuration

SpringnetDr7 install 3.png

Select Install new module from near the top of the page

SpringnetDr7 install 4.png

Click Browse, select the archive you downloaded (the version number may be different than that displayed in the image), then click Install

SpringnetDr7 install 5.png

If the module installed correctly, you should be given some positive feedback. Go back to the Administration > Modules page

SpringnetDr7 install 6.png

At the bottom, the module SpringNet should be under the other category. Tick it and click Save configuration

Next you need to configure the plugin.

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