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In order to complete the registration process with the primary node for the network, you need to supply a public key. To streamline the process, we have built the generation into the settings pages for the plugin. At this stage you do not need to know exactly what the keys and certificates are but you do need to enter some details that will be applied to the keys. Our service doesn't hold this information anywhere, just uses it for the purposes of generating the keys.

From the SpringNet configuration page, select the certificate tag.

SpringnetDr7 Config Certificate 1.png

First you need to enter a contact email and this will be displayed on your node's certificate. This is useful if someone needs to contact the people behind the node.

SpringnetDr7 Config Certificate 2.png

Next you need to enter a passphrase which is used as a safe to lock up your private key. This passphrase is unrecoverable so make sure you remember it (or store it very securely). If you lose it, you will have to generate new keys and certificate. Re-enter to the passphrase to be sure that you have entered it correctly (did we mention it's unrecoverable?)

Finally click on Generate Certificate. This process is having to bounce off our servers so it could take a little bit of time -- it may seem like nothing is happening for a few seconds after you click but it will finish and refresh soon enough.

SpringnetDr7 Config Certificate 3.png

Once your keys and certificate are generated, you will be shown your Private Key and Public Key. To keep them safe you can copy them into a Word Processor, print them off and lock them away securely - -especially the Private Key, which is already locked in it's virtual safe behind the (unrecoverable) passphrase. What you're really seeing is the textual representation of your keys and specifically this representation of the public key is what is floated around the network. It should be noted at this stage that your Private Key should be kept private.

With all that configured we can connect to the network.

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